[Digikam-users] Working out a photo sequence

CD Grässer cd.graesser at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 11:09:39 BST 2016

Regarding a photo sequence, i can agree that this would be a great feature since I use also digikam to show the photos. I use in most cases the built in viewer which also can show videos and can zoom into the images.

Would it be possible to have a new "drag-and-drop-sort" item in the view menu, with an alternative to load and save a certain view order. In this view mode i would like to be able to drag and drop images in to the order i like. Then buttons like meta arrow left and right would move images by X (e.g 20) positions to allow moving images  from far back up in the order.

it shoud be possible to do that photo sequence with photos from different physical folders. it should be possible to do that sequence with a set of filtered images.

Are there plans for such a photo sequence? 


Am torsdag 14 juli 2016, kl. 06:35:45 CEST schrieb Michael Rasmussen:
> Many of you may recall taking a stack of work prints and laying
> them out on a table to work out a sequence.
> I'd like a digital tool to do that. The result would be the images in
> thumbnail view in an arbitrary sequence.
> The slide show feature can kinda be used for this purpose. Though the
> interface in which you sequence the photos provides only a mini-thumbnail
> list view. It's tough to identify similar images.  I'd prefer a thumbnails
> view where the images could be dragged into order.
> Suggestions? 

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