[Digikam-users] Questions about Tags on Android and Web

Anders Kamf digikam at kamf.se
Sun Jan 31 15:49:59 GMT 2016

Thanks for the update!

As far as I understand it Digikam saves metadata to several tags:

The first three are hierarchical, the two last are not. I think F-Spot only
writes the "Subject" tag, I don't know which ones it reads.

Note that F-Spot might be configured to not write metadata to the files on
the fly, if so you need to tell it to write the tags. Also, there are
problems with write access to memory cards on some Android versions.

I have not tried the digikam metadata syncing.


2016-01-23 7:42 GMT+01:00 Henrique Santos Fernandes <sf.rique at gmail.com>:

> Anders,
> Just an update.
> I gues i found one more mistake. Dont know why, but not all my pictures
> have metadata save on images. (i have it configured to do so since day 0)
> So for some reason on F-Stop i had only 5 pics with "Tag X"  but on my
> digikam I had about 100. So i exported the image and use "identify -
> verbose filename.jpg" and it showed that now all pictures had all tags. I
> did by hand with a few and figure this out.
> Now i am sycning the metadata from database to images.  Hopefully it will
> workout.
> I have a few questions like the metadata only on image, will get lost with
> this sync? As i choose "database to images"  And i can do the other way
> "images to database" but the metadata only in database will get lost? This
> "sync" process is not well docummented. Should have one called "merge"
> metadata! hahah
> As far as "hierarchical" tags, i just find out My tags are "sorted" hierarchical
> but not saved on metada like so:
> At digikam i have this Tags:
> Tag1
> Friends
>    Friend1
>    Friend2
>    Friend3
> Tag2
> I thought some how it saved Friends/Friend1 on image.. but does not seem
> the case, It just save Friend1  (this might be because not all tags are
> synced, lets see when it is done, it will take a while as i had 30k picture
> and slow drivers)
> Hopefully all will work now!
> Thanks
> Em qua, 13 de jan de 2016 às 18:58, Henrique Santos Fernandes <
> sf.rique at gmail.com> escreveu:
>> Hello,
>> Thanks for the info.
>> I guess it is hierarchical tags my problem.
>> I will contact the dev and see if he is willing to "fix" this..
>> Cause i did not buy it yet cause it does nto show all tags
>> Thanks!
>> Em ter, 12 de jan de 2016 às 16:59, Anders Kamf <digikam at kamf.se>
>> escreveu:
>>> Hi!
>>> I have also looked for android app that can handle tags, though my use
>>> case was to do initial rating on photos during a long trip without
>>> computer. As you, I found F-stop which is the closest to something useful I
>>> have come so far. It writes meta data to the files, making it possible to,
>>> when home again, transfer the photos to the computer and continue tagging
>>> from there.
>>> It is also possible to make a selection based on filter with tags and
>>> rating. It doesn't support hierarchical tags though, which is a big
>>> drawback. Maybe that is why you don't see all your Digikam tags.
>>> Regards
>>> Anders
>>> 2016-01-08 20:46 GMT+01:00 Henrique Santos Fernandes <sf.rique at gmail.com
>>> >:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I really like digikam and i am using it for all my pictures and movies
>>>> and etc..
>>>> But i miss one ability to how show this pictures to others in a easy
>>>> way!
>>>> Does anybody know a good android app that can see the tags and the
>>>> "start" or whatever from digikam pictures?
>>>> What i do is, i want to export the pictures higher than 3 starts and
>>>> them copy to my android device.
>>>> I want a app that can sort those pictures in tags or stars or whatever
>>>> info is on exif data!
>>>> I found this app:
>>>> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fstop.photo
>>>> But for some reason it does not get all tags from digikam.. =/
>>>> Another Thing i would love to see is to browse my pictures from my
>>>> server on a web site.
>>>> The site could see digikam database and the disk, anybody knows a app
>>>> that can do this?
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Sorry if it is off topic!
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