[Digikam-users] No preview in the File Already Exists dialog

Joshua Gentry pixel at deathbysoftware.com
Sun Jan 24 02:08:20 GMT 2016

In previous versions of Digikam when the "File Already Exists" dialog would
come up, I would see 2 preview images of both the source an destination

At some point this stopped happening.  Was that feature removed?

I first saw this on Linux Mint with Digikam 4.0.0 and just assumed it was
because my desktop was XFCE and there was some sort of conflict with KDE.
Recently I installed a clean Arch Linux with a full blown KDE plasma
desktop and Digikam 4.14.0 and I'm still not seeing the previews.

So was the feature removed?  Or is there some bug?
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