[Digikam-users] GeoLocation Data

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Sat Jan 9 00:03:12 GMT 2016

Just playing around with location data as I am building a tracker and 
will want to import the data.

If I insert data into the ImagePositions table I can see the data in 
DigiKam, all seems fine.  If I view the exif data using exiftool the 
location data is not contained in the image.  From within Digikam I 
select Image > Write Metadata to Image, that seems to run OK but when I 
look with exiftool the location data is still not there.

Is there another method I should use to write the data to the image?  
Alternatively is there a better way to import the data, bearing in mind 
that I will need to use a script of some sort as there will generally be 
many pictures to update.


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