File Name and Time Date Question

Mick Sulley mick at
Fri Aug 26 21:48:17 BST 2016

I just upgraded from Mint 17.3 to 18, installed DK 5.1 (thanks Philip!) 
but lost my import settings, so trying to recreate them.

On import I rename to date time format.  That now seems to be screwed up 
by daylight saving and I have no idea how.

Just took a picture of my computer clock showing 21:15:42

The import has renamed it PIC20160826T221542.JPG
which is out by 1 hour (and a second, but I can live with that)

Looking at metadata I see
Image Info - Date and Time    2016:08:26 21:15:41
Photo Info - Date and Time (digitized)    2016:08:26 21:15:41 (original) 
2016:08:26 21:15:41
Create Date    2016-08-26T21:15:41

So everything says 21:15:41, but it renames to 22:15:42.  Why??  I am 
almost certain that my previous install didn't do that, but 
unfortunately I have no way to get back to it.

Have I set something incorrectly?


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