Using Network filestore in windows

Ian McCarthy idm.kde at
Fri Aug 12 19:06:08 BST 2016

  I'm sure I've read a comment somewhere about using network filestore 
in windows, but I can't find it, and seem to remember that there is a 
feature (problem).
I have Digikam Version 5.1.0 on a upto date Windows 7 system. One of my 
picture library's is on another networked Windows 7 machine with a share 
- S: or  \\Machine_2\\Pictures\Phone
My problem is that any new libraries which I place in S: are not seen by 
Digikam, and other than removing the library and re introducing it I do 
not know how to get Digikam to spot the new libraries.
Is it suppose to work and doesn't yet or is it never going to work?
Is there a way of getting Digikam to relook for new libraries.

As an aside this did work once of a day in version 4.
Cheers Ian Mac

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