star ratings problem when using sidecars

Phil philtuckey at
Mon Aug 8 19:41:01 BST 2016

After further investigation, it appears that if any of the following 
keywords are set in the image file (always a jpeg in my case):
then the error in writing xmp:Rating to the sidecar occurs.

Both my dk 5.0.0 and 4.14.0 use exiv2 0.25.

I did not have this behaviour with older dk, say 0.4.6. I don't know 
which exiv2 version that was using.

On 08/08/16 21:35, Phil wrote:
> On further investigation, I can't reproduce this behaviour on images
> which don't already have the problem. But somehow a number of my
> sidecars have become corrupted in the way I described.
> On 08/08/16 20:50, Phil wrote:
>> I have dk set to write metadata to xmp sidecars only.
>> In 5.0.0 (on OSX) and 4.14.0 (ubuntu) I see the following behaviour:
>> dk always writes the line
>>    xmp:Rating="4"
>> to the xmp sidecar, independently of the star rating of the image.
>> Changing the star rating does not change this line.
>> In contrast, the "acdsee:rating" and "MicrosoftPhoto:Rating" lines are
>> set correctly.
>> This messes up the star ratings if ever metadata is re-read from the
>> image (sidecar).
>> Does anyone else see the same thing?
>> Thanks

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