[Digikam-users] Enter-Key in Thumbnails view

eru eru at steineria.ch
Mon Nov 30 21:36:13 GMT 2015

Hi all

I experience below problem since several version, currently also in 
digikam 4.14 under fedora-22:

In the thumbnails view I can navigate through the pictures with the 
left- / right- / up- / down cursor-keys. But then when I push the 
enter-key it not always opens the preview image. The behavior is as follows:

a) I press with the mouse next to an image to select it. The cursor keys 
work, but enter-key does nothing.

b) I press with mouse on the image and the preview opens, then I leave 
the preview with ESC-key. I get back into thumbnails view, cursor-keys 
work and also the enter-key works.

Why is the enter-key not working in scenario a) ?


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