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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 13:45:28 GMT 2015

2015-11-18 14:33 GMT+01:00 Henrique Santos Fernandes <sf.rique at gmail.com>:

> I dont understando that much but i have 2 questions.
> Why dont create the index normaly instead of using this if exist procedure?

I don't know. I don't write the SQL code for MySQL. This have been done by
an old contributor, few years ago...

If you look into this procedure code, it's sound complicated. I don't know
why ?

CREATE PROCEDURE create_index_if_not_exists(table_name_vc varchar(50),
index_name_vc varchar(50), field_list_vc varchar(1024))

                    set @Index_cnt = (
                        SELECT COUNT(1) cnt
                        WHERE CONVERT(DATABASE() USING latin1) =
                        AND CONVERT(table_name USING latin1) =
CONVERT(table_name_vc USING latin1)
                        AND CONVERT(index_name USING latin1) =
CONVERT(index_name_vc USING latin1)

                    IF IFNULL(@Index_cnt, 0) = 0 THEN
                        set @index_sql = CONCAT(
                            CONVERT( 'ALTER TABLE ' USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( table_name_vc USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( ' ADD INDEX ' USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( index_name_vc USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( '(' USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( field_list_vc USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( ');' USING latin1)
                        PREPARE stmt FROM @index_sql;
                        EXECUTE stmt;
                        DEALLOCATE PREPARE stmt;
                    END IF;

Calls of this procedure is done like this (for thumbnails DB for ex) :

CALL create_index_if_not_exists('UniqueHashes','id_uniqueHashes','thumbId');
CALL create_index_if_not_exists('FilePaths','id_filePaths','thumbId');

Why this complexity with this procedure. No idea...

> If the procedure is really needed, you need to create it with digikam user?

it's already the case with current code.

> You should be able to create the procedure when seting up the databases,
> grant privilges and stuff. right?
So user digikam dont need to create the procedure right? the root/admin
> could do this..
That i can see on Internet, procedure and function need Mysql grant
priviledges to be executed, not created... But i'm not an expert...

Gilles Caulier
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