[Digikam-users] Mysql/MariaDb database expert needs...

eric e.longuemare at laposte.net
Thu Nov 12 16:11:15 GMT 2015


>         Why do digikam need super?

> I don't know. I just found this solution in a bugzilla entry and it
> work.

> Someone like you have posted the same question without a response.
> Here my knowledge of mysql is limited.

I think digikam need super for this :

"to create or alter a stored function, you must have the SUPER
privilege, in addition to the CREATE ROUTINE or ALTER ROUTINE privilege
that is normally required. (Depending on the DEFINER value in the
function definition, SUPER might be required regardless of whether
binary logging is enabled. See Section 13.1.12, “CREATE PROCEDURE and


In the web, I don't know any CMS, which use MYSQl, that doesn't need at
least the knowledge to create a database, its user and right, except
when the hosting service do it for its customer. (and no CMS that need
SUPER privileges)

So, using MYSQL with Digikam needs at least the same knowledge.

What is "surprising" and not usual is the super privileges needed, and
all I've read on configuring Digikam with MYSQL is about to get this

I don't know how this is handle with AMAROK (local or remote MYSQL), but
a look at it should be done.



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