[Digikam-users] Collection on NAS/Sambda

Vladimir Prus vladimir.prus at gmail.com
Fri May 29 19:52:10 BST 2015


I'm using Digikam on Kubuntu 15.04 and have no luck setting up
collection on NAS. The configure dialog has "Collections on Network 
Shares" item, but when I select a samba location, nothing happens.
The collection is not added, and no error message is shown either.

The introduction text in same configure dialog say

     remote file systems (such as ... Sambda mounted via cifs/smbfs)

are supported - however I'm not sure how cifs mount will work on a
laptop that often is not near NAS. Some earlier emails in this
list say Samba works fine, but give no details.

Could somebody tell:

- Can I directly use Sambda locations
- If I should mount with cifs, what's the recommended setup? Shall
   I use automount
- What location should I specify in "Add Collection" dialog if
   I use a Sambda location?
- There are statements that SQLite does not work well on network
   shares - is that a concerns, or will Digikam automatically use
   a local location for database?

Thanks in advance,

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