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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu May 21 09:59:36 BST 2015

2015-05-21 10:53 GMT+02:00 Heikki Rekki <heikkirekki at gmail.com>:

> ​Hey and thanks for version 4.10! Ihave tried it now few days and here are
> some of my comments.
> 1. Now digiKam imports my tags from ACDSee correct. Fine!
> 2.  digiKam imports all embedded tags from fotos and I have many pictures
> downloaded from net. So, I have hundreds of tags in my list and I didn't
> know, how to remove those, whitch are not relevant to me. I must first
> select all not importatn tags and delete them. Is there any other method to
> group tags, can I make new tag (my tags) and then paste my own tags to
> there? I couldn't find sutch method still. If I could make my tags for
> instance named "000 my tags", they are allways first in the list and I must
> not seek them all over the tags. My own tags are nested as ACDSee mede it.

Did you try Tag Manager tool from AlbumGUI/Tags menu ?

After tags tree-view management, you must perform a sync of file metadata
with DB (see Maintenance tool). This can take a while...

> 3. The Tool Tips of the thumbnails. First I had those tips useless: they
> were white square and I see some titles there, but no tags, nothing EXIF,
> IPICT, Makernote or Properties, all was white. Then I changed the theme and
> colors, I changed all of trexts to black and now I see those texts, but I
> have no idea about what text is what. I want tips about that somwhwre in
> manual.

Can you share a screenshot please ?

Gilles Caulier
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