[Digikam-users] some questions

Johannes Kapune listen at kapune.de
Thu May 14 18:39:20 BST 2015

Dear all,

thanks for improving Digikam.

Now I use DigiKam 4.10.0 on openSUSE 13.2

Maybe my questions are related to my (wrong) work flow?

First my hardware configuration:

My pictures are placed on a NFS-share on my server directly imported to 
local machine via fstab

for this my digikam4.db and also my thumbnails-digikam.db is on local hd

DigiKam is configurated to store all metadata in picture (I have a 
backup in a safe place!)

My question now is: Is the face rectangle also stored in picture or is 
it in database?
I ask this because I had problems when choosing all pictures (~ 95.000 
pictures) in one part than generating thumbnails and fingerprints 
crashes DigiKam. For this I only choose a part of all of pictures to get 
faces named but will I loose this named faces now when choose only other 
part of pictures?

If faces are stored in pictures and there will be no loss What can I do 
later to get access to all pictures including fingerprints and thumbnails?

Maybe my observation is related to some wrong work flow but I see 
several times that after I ordered faces to pictures next time I start 
DigiKam again some faces are connected to wrong name.

After this I can't find a solution to bring this faces back to 
"unknown". Even if I choose this tag and I hit "OK" there is no change 
and I can not confirm in any other way. Do I make a mistake here?
Only option is to delete the face rectangle completely or to confirm 
that this is no face - but both is not I want to do.

I would like to bring this faces back to "unknown" because some of this 
faces I do not know and if I have them in one place every visitor can 
easily help me to name this "unknown faces".

Thanks in advanced


PS Do you see a chance to get the mysql database back on server so we 
can use same database from several client machines (not at same time)?

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