[Digikam-users] Face recognition thoughts

Roger MÃ¥rtensson roger.martensson at gmail.com
Sat May 2 22:36:56 BST 2015

Hello all!

Have been trying out you Face Recognition feature for some versions now 
and am currently testing version 4.9 (on Windows).
It's getting better and better. This is the most stable version I've 
used so far. Seems you've found most of the bigger bugs making it crash.

Now I'm noticed some things I wonder about. Maybe you know if it is a 
known problem or I'm just doing something wrong.

This is when using the face recognition in the People tab on the left 
side of the window.

When scanning to detect new faces I mark some pictures as a "Not a 
Face". But when I rescan again the pictures pop up again.
Shouldn't then be hidden?

When "Recognizing faces" the recognized faces are moved to a tag. But 
how can I easily view those faces that are unconfirmed?
There doesn't seem to be any visual aid pointing out which faces I need 
to confirm except when hovering over it. That gets rather tedious when I 
have many faces on a tag. A nice addition would be to show number of 
unconfirmed faces in the "Peoples tab (tag list)" and a way to filter 
out so you only see those faces.

When detecting faces it adds new faces and the number of "faces" found 
is updated on the Tags to the left (People).
But when Clicking the "Not a Face"-button it doesnt seem to decrease the 
number. The same problem seems to be when hitting the "-" button in the 
when Confirming.


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