[Digikam-users] Folders, albums and collections

Peter Mc Donough mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net
Fri Jun 19 11:34:11 BST 2015

Am 19.06.2015 um 12:10 schrieb Agustin Lobo:
> On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 11:40 AM, Peter Mc Donough
> <mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net> wrote:
>> ...
>> Doesn't it exactly do that? For file managing digikam uses the resources of
>> the operating system, as it should.
> No, it does not: if you remove an Album you remove a Folder.
> The behaviour I suggest is just that removing an Album would remove
> that information
> from Digikam. In my opinion, removing the folder should be done by a
> different tool or through the OS.

So an option which replaces the expression "Album" with "Folder" would 
solve the whole problem by making it clear to the user that deleting 
"Folder" will sends his collection to the orcus;-)

BTW In digikam's handbook, in "Album View", you will find:
"Deleting an Album  When you delete an Album from digiKam it will be 
moved into the KDE Trash Can. ..."


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