[Digikam-users] Folders, albums and collections

Peter Mc Donough mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net
Fri Jun 19 10:40:03 BST 2015

Am 19.06.2015 um 09:41 schrieb Agustin Lobo:
> Very dangerous. I suggest that, in the future, all Albums be virtual.
> That is, initially you get Albums matching folders, but removing
> Albums should not
> imply removing folders. Removing folders should be done by using the OS. Digikam
> should deal with managing its database only.
Doesn't it exactly do that? For file managing digikam uses the resources 
of the operating system, as it should.

You can easily get what you want by adding a tag to a group of photos 
and using the powerful search options of digikam for creating just the 
virtual collection when you want it.

Remove the tag and your virtual collection disappears.


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