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Gian Paolo Sanino Vattier gpsanino at vtr.net
Wed Jun 3 15:30:43 BST 2015


This is an issue that rose time ago and was solved by assigning to the
folder a date. I was able to "see" all my images but again, this issue
is happening.
Some of my old photos, not all of them and almost randomly, are not
visible on the thumbails mode.

I use DK 4.10.0 on KDE 4.14.6, OpenSuSE13.2, and this is happening on
all my five boxes (PCs and notebooks) and with the same images.

The symptoms are different to the last time I posted this subject.
Last time was all related to the sorting mode of the albums and images.
At certain sorting modes (by album and date) the images were not seen
and some extra space was added to the albums.
That is not the case now.
The actual symptoms are that some images of some folders are nos visible
for the Thumbnail mode nor the editor nor the map mode. However the
number aside the album, is correct. The database "knows" about the
images inside correctly. Also, the Table mode view shows them all, as
well as the Slideshow mode. Preview image mode is weird. It can show the
"problematic" images if selected from Table view mode, but despite it
shows the image, the upper thumbnail bar does not show the image, and
thus I cannot assign "stars" to it. Captions/tags/metadata are shown
properly when selecting the "problematic" images using "table view".
So the issue is more limited to the Thumbnail view mode.

I tried:

  * tested all possible combinations of sorting of albums and images. No
  * tested moving and copying a "problematic" image to another folder,
    and a new folder. No change. Copies or moved images have the same
  * checked a "problematic" image comparing it with other images of the
    same set, not finding anything different.
  * opened with Gwenview and it presents all the images properly.

I checked the forum and it seems that is not as common as it used to be
last time this problem showed up, since I could not find other members
posting about this behavior.

You can download one of the problematic images from the next link, so
you can check if you can see it properly on the Thumbnail view.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot

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