[Digikam-users] Video Thumbnails

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Thu Jul 23 22:35:04 BST 2015

I noticed that some of my videos displayed the wrong thumbnail, I have 
not noticed any wrong on the pictures.  I took a copy of 
thumbnails-digikam.db and deleted the original.  When I restarted 
DigiKam it recreated the thumbnails for all of the pictures but not for 
the videos.

2 questions -

1) Is there a way to recreate thumbnails for videos
2) The original thumbnails-digikam.db was 1.5 GB, the new one is 4.6 
MB.  There are only 38 videos with about 18,000 pictures, so this 
difference seem massive, why is that?


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