[Digikam-users] crashing after uptade

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 7 17:45:42 BST 2015

On Tuesday 07 July 2015 12:58:40 Gian Paolo Sanino wrote:
> Indeed Remco!!!!
> I added with Yast this repo:
> Then searched for libkexiv2-11 and found an even newer version (v
> 15.04.3-2.1) than posted by KDE:Applications. This may have been posted
> just hours or minutes ago.
> So I updated the libkexiv2-11 to this version, having already installed
> libexiv2-14 from graphics and YES!!!!  Digikam is alive again !!!!
> your repo includes also a more recent version of libexiv2-14 but just
> with the one I had was enough. So, for all opensuse users, the solution
> to get Digikam 4.11 (from KDE:EXTRA) up and running is to include this
> NicoK repo and update libkexiv2-11 as well to get libexiv2-14.
> Kipi-plugins are also included in this repo as well as in others. Or
> simply upgrade Digikam and all these packages from the Nicok repo
> because even Digikam is posted in a more recent version (4.11.0-44.7).
> Finally back to work.
> Thanks a lot Remco.
> gps

I'm using the versions (digikam, exiv2 and kexiv2) from KDE:Extra, which 
works fine for me. _But_, I only have still images, no video.  

So no need for everyone to hurry to that repository. 

Also, that 44.7 is a build version, not a different version of Digikam 
itself. I'm not even sure there's any relation between build versions of 
different repositories..

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