[Digikam-users] missing thumbnails - database cleanup???

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Tue Jan 6 18:58:33 GMT 2015

Le 06/01/2015 19:53, Daniel Bauer a écrit :

> There must be something in those images that disturbs digikam. I could
> understand if they were made with an exotic program, but actually they
> were resized and added metadata *with digikam batch process*, together
> with the other 23 images in the same folder - but two don't show...
> Strange, isn't it?

I use a Canon selphy thermal printer that makes superb photos, but the 
last version is not linux compatible.

so I copy the images to a sd card and read the card on the printer.

dome images a not read by it, even if I read them evry where else...

who knows? may be the robots begin thinking?


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