[Digikam-users] Syncing Digikam collections and databases between different computers

Jonathan Ballet jon at multani.info
Sun Nov 30 15:15:18 GMT 2014


I would like to keep in sync my pictures and my Digikam settings between
2 computers, my laptop and my workstation. I currently have a setup
where I have one collection in one folder, with the Digikam databases
inside (digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db), and everything is kept
in sync with Unison [1].

It nearly fits completely what I try to achieve, but syncing the
databases has some problem : it seems there's a UID which is connected
to the collections defined in digikam4.db and this UID is different on
both computers, although Digikam settings (as far as I know) are the
same on both: this is collection is the exact same folder, at the same
position in the file system hierarchy, same permission, same kind of
"local" folder, etc.
The problem arises when I'm syncing the database from A to B, and then
open Digikam on B, where it says that it couldn't find the collection
"bla" because the UID is different, but it seems it moved to the
following folder, etc., and then it spends quite some time trying to
figure out if there are new pictures in this collection...

Is there a way to minimize this problem? Is there a way to make these
UID the same on both computers? Or what should I try to keep them in



ps: my laptop is not always connected to a network, hence I can't really
use a database server to store Digikam's database, nor can I move the
photos files on a remote filesystem, as far as I am aware.

[1] http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/

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