[Digikam-users] Color management / screen profile

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Nov 16 18:11:46 GMT 2014

Digikam is reading the _ICC_PROFILE_ X atoms which is set from one or both of 
the said applications.
The standard has some provisions to specify profiles for each monitor in dual-
monitor setups.
Either, one or two of these profiles do not implement this or do it wrongly.
Or, digikam's implementation is wrong, it is never tested due to lack of the 
relevant hardware. In the latter case, any suggestions are welcome.

Btw, I have chosen to use plain dispwin run via a file in ~/.config/autostart/

> Hi digikam users
> I need some help on using color management with digikam. I'm using colord
> and oyranos to manage screen color profiles on my dual screen desktop
> computer. I caracterized my two LCD with argyllCMS/dispcalGUI and install
> color profiles throught the same softwares. Problem is that in digikam
> configuration, i can't choose the good screen color profile, the box is
> greyed indication that information will be found through system paramaters.
> But digikam always keep the bad profile : targetting LCD1, but i want to
> work on LCD2.
> So. Il think i have to unmerge one of color management software, but which
> one to keep : colord or oyranos ? Do I have any problem in configuration of
> colord/oyranos ?
> OR, how can i choose manually the screen color profile in digikam ?
> Info :
> - digikam 4.4.0
> - Gentoo up to date with KDE environment
> - colord-1.2.5
> - oyranos-0.9.5
> - Nvidia GPU, nvidia drivers, 2 different LCDs
> --------------
> Clément Moignard

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