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ultimateclem ultimateclem at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 08:05:20 GMT 2014

Hi digikam users
I need some help on using color management with digikam. I'm using colord
and oyranos to manage screen color profiles on my dual screen desktop
computer. I caracterized my two LCD with argyllCMS/dispcalGUI and install
color profiles throught the same softwares. Problem is that in digikam
configuration, i can't choose the good screen color profile, the box is
greyed indication that information will be found through system paramaters.
But digikam always keep the bad profile : targetting LCD1, but i want to
work on LCD2.

So. Il think i have to unmerge one of color management software, but which
one to keep : colord or oyranos ? Do I have any problem in configuration of
colord/oyranos ?
OR, how can i choose manually the screen color profile in digikam ?

Info :
- digikam 4.4.0
- Gentoo up to date with KDE environment
- colord-1.2.5
- oyranos-0.9.5
- Nvidia GPU, nvidia drivers, 2 different LCDs

Clément Moignard
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