[Digikam-users] Update embedded JPEG of RAW Files

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Sun Nov 2 17:04:08 GMT 2014

Hello Everybody

I use Digikam to manage my photo database for many years.
With my first camera, i took my pictures in JPEG... Digikam was really
I bought a SLR camera and started to took pictures in RAW.
I prefer to developpe my raw files in another software than digikam; but i
still really like photo database managment of DK. But preview of raws are
not updated when i do changes in the raw file (i'm using darktable).
Is there a way (a software included or not in digikam) to update embedded
raws with exported jpeg from darktable in order that digikam display a raw
preview which includes changes done in darktable?
My search on web make me realised that Lightroom seems to be abble to do
that but i didn't succeed in finding a way to to that on linux.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


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