[Digikam-users] Printing photos

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Mon May 26 23:03:06 BST 2014

OK but that is doing it the hard way having to calculate the size of the 
page versus he size of the photo and if they are not all the same then 
you have to separate the photos into groups of the same size. Other 
programs I've used have a centre button which will cause each photo to 
be centralised on the page irrespective of the image size.

So basically what I think I am saying is that this should be a feature 


On 26/05/14 18:22, Anders Lund wrote:
> On Mandag den 26. maj 2014 17:16:11, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
>> Yes but that means I have to set it up for each print. OK this time as I
>> was only printing one image plus the problem is that I'd have to
>> calculate the correct margins, however if I wanted to print several
>> images like this I should be able to set up to do it from the assistant
>> I believe.
> You can, in the first page, next to the printer selection button.
>> Stuart
>> On 26/05/14 17:08, Anders Lund wrote:
>>> Hi Stuart,
>>> You could use the simple print image option for a single image.
>>> But you can adjust the printer settings from within the guide as you
>>> please.>
>>> On Mandag den 26. maj 2014 16:59:48, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
>>>> I have just been printing a photo here from Digikam, not something I do
>>>> a lot of, and find it frustrating that I cannot set the position of the
>>>> photo on the page using the Print Assistant. It insists on placing the
>>>> single 6x4 inch image at the top left corner of the 7x5 inch paper I'm
>>>> using. What I want to do and can do with other programs is to place the
>>>> photo either manually or using options to centre it both horizontally
>>>> and vertically on the paper. Am I missing a trick here or is this not
>>>> possible with Digikam?
>>>> Stuart

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