[Digikam-users] [Feature Request] Catch crashes in third party subsystems and handle them inside digikam

James R. Shipman JimShip at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 24 03:49:37 BST 2014

Digikam as currently designed is vulnerable to crashes in third party 
subsystems.  This has showed up strongly with the current problems with 
sqlite and exiv2 where digikam simply dies every time one of its 
subsystem crashes.

I would suggest that a better way would be to catch these crash events 
and either handle them (for example skip a file that caused exiv2 to 
crash) or at least to die gracefully.

Not doing this causes digikam to suffer in its reputation and in the 
worst case to make it unusable.  Right now when I start digikam and just 
let it be idle, then a few minutes later it simply disappears. Crashing 
while scanning metadata in the background.  I have been trying to filter 
out the offending files (*.MTS files in my case), but I have to be fast 
because while I'm trying to change digikam settings (filter out mts 
type) it will still crash causing me to have to start all over.  This is 
really bad behavior.

Jim Shipman

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