[Digikam-users] Canon EOS 6D

Bob bobd at wtaustralia.com
Fri May 2 07:57:26 BST 2014

Hi Andy
> It turns out that the version of Digikam I am using is not the most recent so I will upgrade and try again. But in case it is of any use here is the info
> Digicam   2.8.1 running on Ubuntu 12.10
> My 7D is listed as "Canon Inc digital camera (auto detected) "  when I try to import from it I get the message  "failed to connect to camera please make sure it is connected and turned on" at this point I can go to the camera in file manager and manually copy the files from the memory card so it is not a connection issue.
Yes - that's a very old version.  When you have upgraded try adding your 
camera manually if it still doesn't work for you and see if the Import 
function will work then.


> Andy Gleeson
> Rookery Forge
>> On 1 May 2014, at 06:29, Andy Gleeson <andy at rookeryforge.co.uk> wrote:
>> I am having the same problem with the  7D can't remember the error message but will try it again this evening.
>> Andy Gleeson
>> Rookery Forge

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