[Digikam-users] flickr export not working

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Mon Jun 30 17:36:49 BST 2014

I'm getting an "Error Occurred" when trying to use the kipi-plugin "export
to flickr". I googled for bugs and I didn't really find anything so
thinking it must be my setup.

When I first hit the export to flickr it reports the token needs to be
updated, but then when I click ok it reports Error. If I try to use the
"use another account" it reports the same error. I've tried it with no
images selected and otherwise. I can close the dialog, reopen it, and it
will just report the error, not the dialog about needing to reauthorize the
token, unless I completely restart digikam.

Hoping someone will know what I should do to fix it.

I'm running unstable Gentoo. Digikam 4.0

digiKam version 4.0.0
CPU cores: 6
Demosaic GPL2 pack support: Yes
Demosaic GPL3 pack support: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Jp2: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Jpeg: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Pgf: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Png: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Tiff: Yes
Exiv2 supports XMP metadata: Yes
LibCImg: 130
LibEigen: 3.1.3
LibExiv2: 0.24
LibJPEG: 62
LibJasper: 1.900.1
LibKDE: 4.13.2
LibKExiv2: 2.3.1
LibKGeoMap: 2.0.0
LibKdcraw: 2.4.2
LibLCMS: 2060
LibLensFun: 0.2.8-0
LibPGF: 6.12.27 - external shared library
LibPNG: 1.6.10
LibQt: 4.8.5
LibRaw: 0.16.0-Beta1
LibTIFF: LIBTIFF, Version 4.0.3 Copyright (c) 1988-1996 Sam Leffler
Copyright (c) 1991-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Marble Widget: 0.17.97 (0.18 RC 1)
Parallelized PGF codec: No
Parallelized demosaicing: Yes
RawSpeed codec support: No
Database backend: QSQLITE
Kipi-Plugins: 4.0.0
LibKface: 3.0.0
LibKipi: 2.1.0
LibOpenCV: 2.4.8

thx, Jim
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