[Digikam-users] Wrong aspect ratio for videos / Maintenance usability

Andreas Mair amair.sob at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 08:58:40 BST 2014


2014-06-16 7:50 GMT+02:00 Andreas Mair <amair.sob at gmail.com>:
> Hello Gilles,
> meanwhile Gentoo put exiv2 0.24 into its portage tree and so I
> installed it. This also required libkexiv2 to be rebuilt. digiKam now
> displays that it's using exiv2 0.24. DigiKam is still v3.5.0.
> So I tried a DB update. But I have problems using it:
> 1) I wanted to reread metadata from a single directory recursive,
> where all my videos are located. But how do I do that?
> I selected the directory in the "Process items from" section of the
> maintenance window.
> But what do I have to set for tags?
> I tried with a single tag but then digiKam also updated pictures that
> are not located in the directory I've set above. That's not what I
> want.
> 2) Video metadata was not refreshed if the files had an XMP sidecar.
> 3) Video is still displayed using the wrong aspect ratio even if
> digiKam now reports the correct aspect ratio of "16:9", width=1024 and
> height=756.
> Any ideas?
> Best regards,
> Andreas
> 2014-05-10 11:22 GMT+02:00 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>:
>> 2014-05-10 11:10 GMT+02:00 Andreas Mair <amair.sob at gmail.com>:
>>> Hello Gilles,
>>> thanks for your answer.
>>> I'm quite surprised that it's because of exiv2, I never thought of
>>> searching in that direction.
>>> Seems I have to wait until exiv2 v0.24 hits Gentoo's portage.
>> Ah, you don't use yet Exiv2 0.24 ? this is why ratio look weird...
>> only 0.24 support video files.
>> Warning : as digikam register item width and height in database to
>> compute ratio, you need to force DB to be updated with items metadata.
>> There is a Maintenance tool for that. Else, ratio will not change in
>> digiKam after a simple Exiv2 update...
>> Gilles Caulier
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