[Digikam-users] Tags and everything related to them

David Golden vtdave88 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 01:19:22 BST 2014

I started my metadata tagging manually, using exiftool, before starting
with digikam, and I'm running into issues.  Is there a reference for
exactly how digikam translates existing metadata and what it destroys in
the process?  For example,  digikam is destroying my location references
for my photos.  I tag photos as follows:

 exiftool -Location="Local Fire Department" -Sub-location="1234 Any Street"
-City="Hometown" -State="State" -Country="USA"

When I look at digikam, it's replaced the location with sub-location, and
has no sublocation tag.  So I wind up with
   1234 Any Street, Hometown, State, USA
losing the description of the location.
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