[Digikam-users] Print assistant

Del Andrew mirrorgraphite at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 15:55:38 BST 2014

Hello All!

I'm rather new to Digikam and I love it so far, but I have much to learn yet. 
I am presently having a problem with the Print Assistant. I go into the Print 
Assistant and do everything it says. I choose the size and all that, it goes 
to the next screen and I crop the picture the way I want, but when I hit 
finish it just goes back to the main program and doesn't print anything. I've 
tried using the print assistant as far as it goes, and then using the standard 
print command, but the print command doesn't do what I told the Print 
Assistant to do. Am I missing something here? I'm sorry for the newbie 
inexperience here.

Oh, FYI, I am using Digikam 4.1.0 on a laptop running Windows Vista

Thanks so much for any help

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