[Digikam-users] DK 2.6: tags/caption from sqlite --> jpg (no go)

Boudewijn Kranendonk wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 4 21:14:03 BST 2014

Hi list,

Sorry for using such an old version of DK (and thanks for keeping improving 
it): I use 2.6 on Debian Wheezy. For a while I have turned off writing metadata 
to file, to speed up tagging photos. 

I intended to use "Image/Write metadata to image" afterwards. Now it turns out 
I can't get Digikam to write the tags from sqlite to jpg using that function. 

Am I mistaken in the functionality? Is it supposed to work in 2.6? I remember 
using it in a distant past, probable before v1.9. After turning on writing to 
the images (via "Settings/Metadata/Behaviour" and ticking some boxes in the 
"Write this information to the metadata") and writing a single tag, all tags 
get rewritten from metadata to jpg. 

So as a workaround I added a "touch"-tag, that I added to all images in an 
album and afterwards removed, but it didn't work as expected: the new tag was 
added to the file (added to the incomplete list of tags in the file), but not 
the rest of the tags in sqlite. To my surprise: removing the "touch"-tag from 
the image set would remove it from the images in sqlite, but not from the 
images. It did write the other tags though!

Is anyone using this ancient version of DK and can confirm my findings, or even 
knows a better workaround? 

(Even with the workaround, my workflow is much faster when not writing to file, 
so there's a benefit in the experiment ;-) )

Best regards,


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