[Digikam-users] Preview is "better" than RAW conversion?

Boudewijn Kranendonk wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 31 22:23:24 BST 2014

Hi Niels,

On Sunday 31 August 2014 12:09:48 Niels Ott wrote:
> I take my pictures with a Pentax K-7 in PEF format. When I view the PEFs
> in DigiKam, they usually look quite nice already.
Shot in the dark: do you maybe see the embedded jpeg when quickviewing the 
PEF? As far as I know, most raw formats embed a jpeg for quick viewing on the 
camera display.

> However, when I use the RAW converter to convert a batch of images, I
> just don't manage to make them look as good as in the preview.
> Especially the contrast is often too low. I don't know what's going on
> here.
If the PEF format supports a wide dynamic range (and your sensor captures it), 
then the pictures will look bland on a viewing device that has a narrower 
dynamic range. Pictures with lower dynamic ranges show pitch black and pure 
white, where a higher dynamic range still provides shades of (dark) 
grey/colour and (light) grey and colour. 

Could the above explain what you see? 

Best regards,


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