[Digikam-users] Using camera RAW settings by external RAW converter (was: Preview is "better" than RAW conversion?)

Michael Gerdau mgd at qata.de
Sun Aug 31 12:29:47 BST 2014

Hi list,

not wishing to hijack an existing thread I created a new one.

> What you see in the preview is the jpeg embedded in the Raw file (which is
> a quarter size).
> That preview jpeg has had all the treatments applied to it that a 'normal'
> in camera jpeg would get, including brightness, contrast, and saturation
> adjustments, and noise reduction and sharpening.
> If you do your own RAW development, those adjustments are not
> automatically applied (although some RAW developers from the camera
> makers do apply them).

This is an issue I'm facing eversince I started shooting in RAW.

Most of the time the JPG created by the camera (Nikon D700 here) is
just fine and works nicely. Occasionally I need some tweaking though.

When I do this in Digikam I never got results even as good as what the
camera does which as I learned after some searching of the web is due
to me not applying the proper parameters to the RAW converter.

So far so old (w/r to knowledge).

For me this resulted in owning a small Windows Notebook with Capture NX
(Nikon's RAW converter) installed to do the job.

Now my question:
Does anyone of you know of a way to (fairly accurately) use the camera's
RAW parameter as a default to start from with an external (aka running
on Linux) RAW converter ?

Thanks for any suggestion,
 Michael Gerdau       email: mgd at qata.de
 GPG-keys available on request or at public keyserver

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