[Digikam-users] Photos not showing in album after copy

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 23:12:53 BST 2014

You are correct this is stupid versioning getting in the way. The way it 
works currently is VERY confusing as the editor button says save with 
the original file name which it does NOT do. I copied the images I 
wanted to edit precisely because I did not want to overwrite the 
originals (something I ALWAYS do), this time I decided to edit the image 
with digikam which now seems like a huge mistake considering the time it 
has taken to get to the reason for this. Now I will go back to my old 
way of doing this outside of digikam.

Has this changed along the way between releases because I dont remember 
having this issue some time ago when I first started using digikam?

1.I never turned on non destructive editing and versioning on it was on 
by default which I believe is wrong. If you believe it should be on by 
default then this needs to be made clear on initial install and the user 
should be asked to confirm they want it on and explain what happens if 
they keep the setting.

2. If versioning is on it should NEVER affect any image other than the 
one in the album opened in the editor, it should NEVER affect any other 
image in any other album just because it has the same name. Assuming an 
image is the same when it merely has the same name is completely wrong.


On 22/08/14 22:15, Wybo wrote:
> this sounds like what I experienced when I has versioning enabled. Only
> the most recent version is shown then. Only when you open the Versioning
> tab in the right column, the older versions appear and can be made
> permanent by clicking on a temporarily visible icon in the top field,
> see my screen shot.
> On 2014-08-22 19:59, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
>> No not running MySQL database.
>> Forgot to say the photos which refuse to display in the primary album
>> are ones which I have edited (in Digikam) in the sub-album.
>> I tried re-building thumbnails and scanning for new items but nothing
>> seems to display these photos.
>> Stuart
>> On 22/08/14 17:32, upscope wrote:
>>> On Friday, August 22, 2014 10:51:12 AM Stuart T Rogers wrote:
>>>> I have just been copying some photos between albums and sub-albums and
>>>> now when I go back to the original album the copied photos do NOT
>>>> show up, however they are there as I can see the correct file names
>>>> in Dolphin. I am running Digikam 4.1 btw. Is this a known bug?
>>>> Stuart
>>> If your using MySQL for the database there are known bugs. I cannot run
>>> any version of Digikam with the 4.x versions.
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