[Digikam-users] Photos not showing in album after copy

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Fri Aug 22 21:01:21 BST 2014

OK done a bit more digging on this and having removed and re-added the 
collection containing the albums and photos in question I can say that I 
still have missing photos from the display.

Take one photo in particular the original is IMGP3763.JPG which is in 
both the main album and the sub-album as shown by dolphin but will not 
display in digikam at all in either main or sub albums.

However in the sub album I can see IMGP3763_V1.JPG which is an edit 
which was saved as an original not a new version. So as I was not happy 
with the edit I deleted this V1 image and lo and behold the original now 
shows up in both main and sub albums.

So bottom line here is that when you save in edit something goes awry 
with digikam. Saving as an original file name I would expect to save 
without the V1 added and still both images to show in both albums 
correctly but obviously different as one has been edited.


On 22/08/14 18:59, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
> No not running MySQL database.
> Forgot to say the photos which refuse to display in the primary album
> are ones which I have edited (in Digikam) in the sub-album.
> I tried re-building thumbnails and scanning for new items but nothing
> seems to display these photos.
> Stuart
> On 22/08/14 17:32, upscope wrote:
>> On Friday, August 22, 2014 10:51:12 AM Stuart T Rogers wrote:
>>> I have just been copying some photos between albums and sub-albums and
>>> now when I go back to the original album the copied photos do NOT
>>> show up, however they are there as I can see the correct file names
>>> in Dolphin. I am running Digikam 4.1 btw. Is this a known bug?
>>> Stuart
>> If your using MySQL for the database there are known bugs. I cannot run
>> any version of Digikam with the 4.x versions.

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