[Digikam-users] Digikam 4.0 Beta on openSUSE 13.1

Carl McGrath cmcgrath5035 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 26 13:22:37 BST 2014

Version 4.0.0-beta4 Using KDE Development Platform 4.13.0 arrived yesterday.

So far, looks great but one issue I note:

 1. I inserted an SD card into my system, received pop-up and selected
    open with Digikam from the system
 2. Digikam starts, with main and Importer windows open.
 3. I was able to select photos and import to my Digikam database.


  * I am unable to delete photos from my SD card
      o There are no delete (or move to trash) options showing on
        drop-down menus.
      o If I select one photo and right click, there is a delete option
        on the right click menu, but it does nothing.


  * I note that import file renaming appears 'fixed', no more
    unnecessary _1 on file names when using the {unique} modifier.
      o WooHoo!

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