[Digikam-users] Copying ratings/tags/etc from JPEG to parallel RAW file

Daniel P. Berrange dan at berrange.com
Sat Apr 26 00:40:43 BST 2014

Historically I've captured and stored most images with parallel JPEG + NEF
RAW files. I've come to realize that keeping both JPEG + NEF files in parallel
is essentially pointless, since I can easily extract the embedded JPEG preview
from the NEF, or run a raw convertor on it to get a full resolution JPEG. So
I'm intending to switch to an exclusively NEF based workflow and likely will
remove all the JPEGs I've already got to just leave the original NEFs.

The only problem is that when managing in digikam I've assigned tags and star
ratings against the JPEG file only though, since it was tedious to do the same
work against the NEF file too, and in the past I've mostly worked with the JPEGs
only processing the NEFs occassionally.

So I need to figure out a way to batch update digikam's database so that all
the information I've recorded against the JPEG is copied to the RAWs.

I've tried doing this by going via XMP sidecars. eg

 1. Tools -> Maintainence -> Sync database to metadata
 2. Use script to copy xmp:Rating from JPEG XMP file to the NEF XMP file
 3. Tools -> Maintainence -> Sync metadata to database

This seems to work, but digikam sure is slow at writing the XMP and also
at loading them back in later. It'll take it a real long time to do this
for all the images in my collection.

Are there any other more effective ways to sync the metadata from JPEGs
to the correspondingly named NEFs across the entire collection ? I have
thought about perhaps writing a script to munge the mysql database
directly, but that has high risk of calamity :-)

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