[Digikam-users] Export to flickr with selected EXIF data

Martin Bretschneider mailing-lists-mmvi at bretschneidernet.de
Mon Sep 30 12:33:02 BST 2013


I use Digikam and Kipi-Plugins 3.1 and want to use the flickr export 
tool. I works quite well since even the keywords and title of the images 
are keep and displayed in flickr. But I do not like that all the EXIF 
data is exported like the following:

- "Image History" with the path of the image
- the dates and time: I would like to leave the date but change the time 
to 12:00

Is it possible to do this within Digikam or must I use an external tool 
like jhead?

TIA and kind regards from Martin

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