[Digikam-users] thumbnail generation

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Sun Sep 29 16:39:55 BST 2013

Finally I removed my thumbs database (more than 1.2Gig big) and showd
all images in DK (took more than one hour to generate all the thumbs).
Point one: thumbs database shrunk to 500M and maintainance thumbs
regeneration is fast (almost all thumbs are already there) and no longer
leaks memory.

I still have no clue what the original problem was/is.


Am 27.09.2013 20:35, schrieb Martin (KDE):
> Hallo
> thumbnail regeneration in menu extra->maintainance is a little buggy
> here (recent digikam 3.4 on fedora 19, 64bit). It allocates new memory
> for every photo but never gives the memory back. If all memory (8G) and
> swap (10G) are used, the OOM-process of the kernel kills digikam. Anyone
> seeing this issue as well?
> Regards
> Martin
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