[Digikam-users] Tooltip text has changed to pale green. Help!

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Sun Sep 29 14:00:01 BST 2013

In addition, I found some issue with the "GTK+" kde graphic component with  
a Gnome/Unity desktop and dark theme.

I get unchangeable white background color if I choose a dark theme in  
Digikam. To fix this I set "Cleanlooks" as Graphic components (composants  
graphiques in french) in Digikam setup (last section "Divers" in french...  
may be "miscellaneous" in english).

Cleanlooks and all others seems to work except "GTK+" option.

Le Sun, 29 Sep 2013 14:42:04 +0200, Mick Sulley <mick at sulley.info> a écrit:

> I run DigiKam on Debian with Gnome and I had a similar problem.
> My understanding is that when you install Digikam with a Gnome desktop
> it also installs part of KDE and that is where you need to adjust the
> settings.  What I did was -
> install systemsettings and run from a terminal
> go to Applications Appearance > Colors > Colors and change Tooltip Text
> to a darker colour
> Hope that helps
> Mick
> On 29/09/13 13:27, Carl McGrath wrote:
>> Neil - I see both of your posts.
>> I run digikam 3.4.0 on openSUSE 12.3, but KDE 4.11.1.
>> I don't know how to tweak Gnome, but here is what I would do in KDE:
>> 1. Open System Settings(which I keep in my desktop folder) -
>> Application Appearance
>> 2. Select Colors , which opens a window with 5 Tabs : Scheme - Options
>> - Colors - Inactive - Disabled
>> 3. If you select the Colors Tab, you will find a row where you can
>> tweak ToolTips font colors as well as others. Or, on the Scheme Tab,
>> you could try some different schemes to see if you find a color combo
>> that works better for you.
>> I assume Gnome has a similar setup/customization interface, I just
>> don't know what it is.
>> If you cannot find it, try the openSUSE Forum- Applications. Lots of
>> Gnome users hang out there.
>> This sounds like a desktop settings issue, not a digikam issue, but
>> who knows?
>> On 09/29/2013 07:41 AM, Neil Haughton wrote:
>>> I am assuming that I didn't get a response to my earlier plea for
>>> help because it didn't reach the mailing list, so I am trying again.
>>> Can anyone help?
>>> I'm starting to use digikam 3.2 in opensuse 12.3 (Gnome 3). This
>>> evening the digikam tooltips all have pale green text on a white
>>> background, which makes them unreadable. They were okay last night
>>> (black on white), but since I did a system update tonight (may be a
>>> coincidence) the tooltip text foreground has changed.
>>> The tooltips are set to use the System Font, but nothing else is
>>> green on black, so I'm perplexed. I also cannot find anywhere within
>>> Digikam to change the colour of the tooltip text. All the other text
>>> in Digikam seems unaffected.
>>> How can I change the tooltips back to black on white?
>>> Regards,
>>> Neil
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