[Digikam-users] Tooltip text has changed to pale green. Help!

Carl McGrath cmcgrath5035 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 29 13:27:13 BST 2013

Neil - I see both of your posts.
I run digikam 3.4.0 on openSUSE 12.3, but KDE 4.11.1.
I don't know how to tweak Gnome, but here is what I would do in KDE:
1. Open System Settings(which I keep in my desktop folder) - Application 
2. Select Colors , which opens a window with 5 Tabs : Scheme - Options - 
Colors - Inactive - Disabled
3. If you select the Colors Tab, you will find a row where you can tweak 
ToolTips font colors as well as others. Or, on the Scheme Tab, you could 
try some different schemes to see if you find a color combo that works 
better for you.

I assume Gnome has a similar setup/customization interface, I just don't 
know what it is.
If you cannot find it, try the openSUSE Forum- Applications. Lots of 
Gnome users hang out there.

This sounds like a desktop settings issue, not a digikam issue, but who 

On 09/29/2013 07:41 AM, Neil Haughton wrote:
> I am assuming that I didn't get a response to my earlier plea for help 
> because it didn't reach the mailing list, so I am trying again. Can 
> anyone help?
> I'm starting to use digikam 3.2 in opensuse 12.3 (Gnome 3). This 
> evening the digikam tooltips all have pale green text on a white 
> background, which makes them unreadable. They were okay last night 
> (black on white), but since I did a system update tonight (may be a 
> coincidence) the tooltip text foreground has changed.
> The tooltips are set to use the System Font, but nothing else is green 
> on black, so I'm perplexed. I also cannot find anywhere within Digikam 
> to change the colour of the tooltip text. All the other text in 
> Digikam seems unaffected.
> How can I change the tooltips back to black on white?
> Regards,
> Neil
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