[Digikam-users] Download issue with mobile phone

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Sun Sep 22 09:07:04 BST 2013

I have a problem with using digikam to download photos from my mobile 
phone. The problem is that when I connect it and click on import from my 
Sony Xperia it searches the entire phone for everything which looks 
remotely like a file I might want to download which not only takes ages 
it makes finding the photos almost impossible.

The phone mounts in Linux as a Portable Media Player. For now I use 
dolphin file manager and copy the photos manually.

Now is there a way either within digikam or whatever it uses under the 
covers, to restrict it to only searching a specific folder?

Website: http://www.stella-maris.org.uk
or:      http://www.broadstairs.org

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