[Digikam-users] Color correction

Benjamin Girault benjamin.girault at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 11:21:01 BST 2013


2013/9/11 Wolfgang Mader <Wolfgang_Mader at brain-frog.de>:
> since 4.10, I guess, KDE comes with integrated color correction. Hence, it is
> possible to set the color profile of the monitor and other output devices. It
> is not clear to me how a desktop wide color management solution interferes
> with the color correction implemented in digikam.

As far as I understand, there is no color _correction_ applied by KDE.
What you most likely talk about is color profile management, that is
handled by colord in background. Colord does not apply color
correction, it advertise the current color profile of any device
(which may be a monitor, a printer, etc...). The only difference I've
seen when changing the profile for my monitor is the gamma correction
applied. Color correction should be done by the softwares, like
digiKam, or Firefox (no activated by default for images without a
color profile).

Therefore, there should not be any interference between this color
profile management, and the color correction of digiKam, which by the
way may use a different profile than the one advertised by colord.



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