[Digikam-users] Questions on RAW conversion: Base curve

Wolfgang Mader Wolfgang_Mader at brain-frog.de
Wed Sep 11 09:41:36 BST 2013

Hallo list,

I know there is no "correct" way to convert a RAW to e.g. a jpeg, but there is 
a unique way which is taken by every camera (perhaps given a specific scene 
selection). In my case this would be the Canon EOS 40D. The camera internally 
uses a base curve to construct colors which is in most cases far from linear 
but specific to the camera model.

My first question is how digikam can know the shape of the base curve. If 
digikam does not know the shape, which base curves is applied instead?

If I use the RAW import dialog when opening a RAW in the image editor (F4) I 
can pick "Default" to convert the RAW file. Is there a way to use the same 
"Default" if I convert RAW files in a queue?

The motivation of this post is my concern, that if I opt for shooting RAW 
only, I will not be able to get the "correct" jpg, in the sense the camera 
would have done it. This might not even be a valid concern, but you see, it 
troubles me... :-)

Thank you for your answers.


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