[Digikam-users] Need help converting database

Ralph DeWitt ralphdewitt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 18:44:36 BST 2013

On 09/06/2013 10:30 AM, Remco Viƫtor wrote:
> On Friday 06 September 2013 09:55:57 Ralph DeWitt wrote:
>> I have been having problems get digikam 3.3.0 to run on my system. After
>> much reading and testing, I think I have found the problem. The latest
>> version of digikam on my system is unable to open and convert the older
>> data base file I have. My database file is at version 4 and the new
>> database is version 6. I need someone with a earlier version of digikam
>> to try and convert the database file for me. Can someone help with this
>> problem?
> Not likely that a straight repeat of your previous message will get any
> more useful answers...
> At a minimum, some information about your system could be useful (OS,
> version, which database do you use: mySQL or SQLite, where did you get the
> new Digikam version...).
> If you use Linux, the output you get when you start Digikam from a command-
> line would also be nice.
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This may be a repeat, but the help needed is different. In the previous 
emails, I was looking for help in fixing the seg fault that occurs we I 
first run Digikam, I no-longer wanting that (to that end I have filed a 
bug/crash report) what I have done since then is checked the original 
data base and found it to corruption free using sqlite and it's data 
base browser. I have found the photo's to be uncorrupted and able to be 
open in showphoto/kphotoalbum etc.
I am running Linux, NetrunnerOS 13.06, I have updated KDE to version 
4.11. The version of digikam that downloaded from the repositories 
(ubuntu/Netrunner) was Version 3.3.0.

What I am looking for with this email thread is for some kind soul with 
an older running Digikam version or database knowledge to take my 
Digikam version 4 data base and upgrade it to Digikam version 5 or 
better yet version 6. I have no database knowlege and what I have done 
to check the data base was read and follow instructions/how to.

I have not included a terminal output of the seg fault because that went 
with the bug report. What I am looking for is some kind soul to upgrade 
the database to current version 6. I have photos going back to the 
1960's and I would not be able to recall all the places names etc. that 
are tagged. And it is very painful to thing that I may have lost that 
information.  So I am hoping that some kind soul will come forward and 
spend some time helping me.


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