[Digikam-users] Digikam Color label

Jean-Pierre Verrue jean-pierre.verrue at laposte.net
Tue Sep 3 19:06:50 BST 2013


Following the discussion on the compatibility of color labels between 
Digikam Photosop, Lightroom and Capture NX, I note that there is also an 
inconsistency with Darktablecolor labels : Darktable does not read 
Digikam labels and vice versa.

Labels color darktable are (apparently it is not standard ...):
0: red
1: yellow
2: green
3: Blue
4: Magenta

Labels are recorded using the following tags:

Presence of a blue label:
<RDF:li>3</ rdf:li>
</ rdf:Seq>
</ darktable:colorlabels>

No label:
</ darktable:colorlabels>

With darktable It is possible to assign multiple labels to a single 
photo. In this case the xml file contains the following (all labels are 
<RDF:li>0</ rdf:li>
<RDF:li>1</ rdf:li>
<RDF:li>2</ rdf:li>
<RDF:li>3</ rdf:li>
<RDF:li>4</ rdf:li>
</ rdf:Seq>
</ darktable:colorlabels>

Is it be possible to harmonize the operation of the two programs? Who 
should make the effort Digikam, darktable or both?
I am available to assist in the resolution.

Thank you in advance!


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