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cgw993 at aol.com cgw993 at aol.com
Mon Sep 2 19:58:46 BST 2013

I have done this several times already. Check your firewall for files that
have internet access...The files will come from a folder that has the
digikam software. I suppose you can use netstat which is not really new user
friendly . 

Anyway - I will answer the rest of the email and then step out of this

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On Monday 02 September 2013 03:07:58 cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
>(...) I never said anything
> about Backdoors, you and some other person did.  Does Digikam also 
>have a  backdoor? It does not seem like many users here are familiar 
>with how
> mining and spyware work, they do not require a back door**

Well, could you at least tell us how you found out that Digikam opens
internet connections (and perhaps to what sites/IP addresses)?

That would allow us to judge for ourselves what the dangers are, and how to
avoid/remove them.

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