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I cannot believe the amount of salesmen on this list who try to confuse this
issue and who could not care less at all about users basic privacy and
rights. Unbelievable.    Why don’t you give all the netstat parameters so
that any new users can have a chance of using it correctly and interpreting
the results?  You may also want to explain how to find programs that have
the ability to access the internet at any time other than just the ones
accessing the internet at the exact moment you use netstat.  I did not use
netstat, it is more simple to check your own firewall and fiind all internet
enabled programs.

I guess it is debatable if Digikey and other do this in order to receive
large grants from companies like Google so that they can write "free"
software under the GPL license.   This strategy does work in the long wrong,
but denying the spying exists at all is the wrong thing to do.

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On Monday 02 September 2013 01:38:32 cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
(lots of stuff about Digikam spying, w/o a shred of proof)
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I couldn't find any trace of Digikam opening an internet connection. But I
have all KIPI plugins related to internet storage/publishing disabled.

Also, how did you see that Digikam opened /internet/ connections? A bit of
information so others can check seems the minimum. 

Using netstat I did find a series of /unix sockets/ opened by Digikam (10 or
so) but those are typically used for inter-process communication. They were
NOT /internet/ connections. Indeed, 'netstat --inet' did not show ANY
connections involving Digikam. To see what netstat does, use Google or 'man

Also, concluding from the presence of connections that data is /send out/ by
Digikam is a bit fast, and an accusation that needs *proof*, not just an
unsubstantiated  'I saw some internet connections involving DK, thus DK is
data mining my photos'. When accusing, a minimum is disclosing the methods
you used to collect your data.

Wrt. your point 2, about navigation: Digikam supposes you have your images
in directory trees. Just specify each of those trees as a collection.

Personally, I wouldn't want Digikam to dig all over my hard disk to decide
which directories to index, nor is there any reason (for me) to go out of my
image collection from within Digikam...

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