[Digikam-users] Fwd: Re: Grouping muliple version of same images

Eru Steiner eru at steineria.ch
Sun Sep 1 22:35:25 BST 2013

Am 30.08.2013 09:35, schrieb Andrew Goodbody:
> On 29/08/13 23:50, Eru Steiner wrote:
>>> I think you have been misled by the confusing labelling of that
>>> button. With the non-destructive editing and versioning enabled you
>>> have two choices, Save or Save as new version. When you choose Save,
>>> the current state of the image is saved but you can of course go back
>>> to previous versions due to the non-destructive editing. But you only
>>> see the latest version by default. I think that this is the behaviour
>>> that you actually want.
>> Yes that's (almost) what I expected, thanks for this explanation (Yes
>> this is really misleading to me).
>> But I'm still a bit confused and think it is buggy. If I start with
>> IMG_xyz.JPG:
>> 1st time edit it and use save then I get a new image IMG_xyz_v1.JPG. Now
>> I only see the latest version and in the right-side version pane I can
>> click the little bullet to also show / hide the original version.
>> 2nd time edit and use save. This time it's saved again into
>> IMG_xyz_v1.JPG, still on the right hand side I can choose to also show /
>> hide the original version
>> 3rd time edit and use save as new version. Now I see IMG_xyz_v1.JPG and
>> IMG_xyz_v2.JPG. On the right-hand side I can show / hide on of
>> IMG_xyz.JPG, but not IMG_xyz_v1.JPG, it is always visible.
>> Btw. Under "Configure digikam" / "Editing Images": the two checkboxes
>> "always show original images" and "always show intermediate snapshots"
>> are both not selected!
>> I think this is somehow a bug!?
>> Eru
> No, not a bug. Using Save as new version creates a new branch in the
> hierarchy tree. You cannot hide the end of a branch. So you now have
> two branches, one ending in v1 and one ending in v2. This is what Save
> as new version does for you. If that is not what you want then do not
> use Save as new version.
> Andrew
OK, I think now I start to understand the concept...
But then what is the checkbox "always show intermediate snapshots" in
the configuration used for?


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